KnowBe4 Acquires Second Place in Cybersecurity Ventures’ Cybersecurity 500 List

The Clearwater, FL-situated safety consciousness training company KnowBe4 has attained second place in the Cybersecurity Ventures’ 2018 Cybersecurity 500 list

Each year, Cybersecurity Ventures records a list of the newest startups in the subject of cybersecurity. The list has a few of the most advanced businesses that have created cybersecurity solutions for companies to safeguard networks and avoid illegal people from gaining access to confidential information.

When considering businesses for inclusion in the list, Cybersecurity Ventures evaluates each on a wide variety of standards, including the efficacy of a solution at resolving a problem, printed product evaluations, conference demonstrations and presentations, advertising and branding, VC funding, company progress, and opinion from CISOs, decision makers, IT safety evaluators, VARs, and advisers.

As per Cybersecurity Ventures, “The Cybersecurity 500 generates consciousness and appreciation for the most advanced cybersecurity businesses – varying from the biggest and most familiar products, to VC supported startups and emerging players, to small companies with possibly game-changing technologies, to solution providers ready for development around productized or vertically focused facilities.”

Businesses are being compelled to invest heavily in cybersecurity solutions to protect against a wide variety of dangers. With the volume of cyberattacks increasing, it is no wonder that cybersecurity spending has been expected to reach $10 billion by 2027.

One field that is seeing substantial investment is safety consciousness teaching. Businesses have realized that even layered cybersecurity fortifications can be easily avoided with a single phishing electronic mail. It is for that reason important to make sure that workers are taught to recognize dangers. Without a safety conscious staff, companies will be extremely susceptible to phishing attacks as well as other cyberattacks that target workers.

Safety consciousness training businesses and anti-phishing solution sellers have been enjoying substantial growth as more companies look to vendors to provide the platforms and content for their teaching programs. Knowbe4 has relished a period of hyper growth in the past year and has considerably expanded its customer base. This development, together with positive reviews from users, has assisted the company climb from position six to position two in the quarterly Cybersecurity 500 list.