KnowBe4 Announced Vulnerable Password Check Device

Anti-phishing solution seller KnowBe4 has announced a weak PIN check tool that can be used by companies to assess dangers connected to the usage of weak PINs.

Weak PINs are often quoted as one of the key techniques utilized by cybercriminals to retrieve business systems. Weak PINs can be predicted easily and offer little obstruction to strong power attacks. The newest study performed by Verizon disclosed that 81% of hacking-connected data breaches were conducted by using weak PINs.

Stu Sjouwerman, KnowBe4 CEO, explained that “Abusing a weak PIN is an open-door invitation to cybercriminals.”

Even though it is general knowledge that robust PINs should be used to protect accounts, end users repeatedly neglect advice and choose weak PINs.

IT safety specialists are well aware that employees often choose their PINs poorly. For that reason, password plans are introduced to evade weak PINs from being used. However, password plans are not always appropriate.

The new weak PIN test tool allows IT safety specialists to carry out a check to find whether any weak PINs have been selected by end users. The weak PIN check tool tests for accounts that do not have password validation, blank passwords, passwords utilized by many accounts, thesaurus words, usual passwords, and passwords which never end.

The weak PIN check tool also tests for accounts that use a LAN Administrator hash for saved passwords, Kerberos DES-Only accounts, omitted AES keys as well as accounts that do not encrypt authentication appeals.

KnowBe4’s weak PIN check tool is available free of charge for firms that use Active Directory. The tool can be used to assess a company locally for password-related vulnerabilities. To make certain that security is not undermined, the tool does not disclose any weak PINs that it finds. The tool just informs the accounts which have weak PINs set.

“KnowBe4’s declaration of weak PIN Check advances our job to enable IT specialists with proactive tools to find out threats and educate their users to have security at top of mind,” said Sjouwerman. “Weak PIN Test makes it quick and easy to find weak PINs so IT managers can take efficient action swiftly.”