KnowBe4 Offered Free Mail server Safety Assessment Tool

April 14, 2018


Although manual tests of mail server configurations can be carried out by IT management, these are susceptible to mistake and it can be tough to precisely evaluate mail server safety from inside a company.

Safety solutions such as spam filters can be applied to manage which messages are obstructed and what is conveyed, but unless those controls and policies are comprehensively checked, IT management can’t be certain the controls are effective.

The new mail server safety evaluation tool presented by KnowBe4 assists IT managements precisely check their electronic mail server controls to decide which electronic mails are being obstructed and whether possibly hateful messages are succeeding to make it past safety checks. As the process is completely automatic, running the test is a swift and easy procedure and will decide what kinds of electronic mails are capable of entering fortifications and reaching inboxes.

The tool can be utilized to send dozens of different kinds of replicated hateful electronic mails including messages having links to tricked domains and domains with an SPF history with a soft fail or hard fail. The replications also include messages with a range of electronic mail attachments, including those most usually used by threat actors in malware and phishing campaigns. The test takes less than an hour to run and will decide how electronic mail filtering controls cope with Office files, .EXE files, PDF files, HTML, PowerShell and JavaScript attachments.

“IT managers can now do an automatic evaluation of their electronic mail safety. Equipped with that data they can see what electronic mails might make it through, and take measures to reduce the danger of social engineering attacks making it to their users,” said KnowBe4 CEO Stu Sjouwerman.