Liquid Web and HIPAA Compliance

Healthcare companies looking for a hosting solution might find Liquid Web as a likely seller, however, is Liquid Web HIPAA compliant?

Can its cloud administration facilities be utilized by HIPAA-protected organizations for introducing apps and jobs that contain electronically safeguarded health files?

Any healthcare company that desires to utilize the cloud to introduce apps that utilize the protected health information (PHI) of patients should select a seller whose facility contains safety measures to make sure the integrity, secrecy, and availability of ePHI that satisfy the necessities of the HIPAA Safety Law.

Cloud service providers, including hosting companies, are categorized as BAs because they probably have access to their customers’ information. Although several cloud facility suppliers consider they don’t access clients’ data, they are still categorized as BAs. HIPAA-protected organizations, as well as their BAs, should, therefore, finalize a BAA with the facility provider prior to any ePHI is transferred to the cloud.

Liquid Web has been providing hosting solutions to Server Message Blocks for 20 years. In 2017, the firm finished an independent check of its hosting facilities to evaluate compliance with HIPAA/HITECH laws. Although there is no approved HIPAA compliance authorization, the book-keeping firm UHY LLP did verify that the firm has put in place proper physical, administrative, and technical safety measures to comply with HIPAA laws. Liquid Web has also qualified SOC 1, 2, 3 attestations, EU-US and Swiss-US Secrecy Shield checks, as well as PCI Facility Supplier recertification.

Liquid Web is wishing to finalize BAAs with HIPAA protected organizations that need hosting facilities for web matter and apps that contain PHI. The BAA includes its single computer network and multiple computer networks hosting services.

The secrecy and safety control improved by Liquid Web allows HIPAA protected organizations to make sure their data is safe and always accessible. Liquid Web can become a HIPAA compliant hosting facility if security, access, and audit safety measures are set correctly and a signed BAA is finalized before use of the hosting facilities in relation to any ePHI.