MediaPro Introduces Another Travel Safety Consciousness Training Program

Companies can coach their workers to be more safety conscious in the office, however, with regard to business visits, workers encounter additional safety dangers. Training workers to be more safety conscious while traveling can assist them to avoid hazardous manners that might possibly result in the accidental revelation of confidential information or malware contagions.

To assist companies to cope with the added dangers that come from a business visit, MediaPro has created a new travel safety consciousness training program, which has now been included in its big library of safety consciousness training programs.

Training programs can be boring and dull, and if workers are not involved, they do not learn and knowledge preservation is bad. MediaPro realizes that coaching can be a routine for workers, and has created its training programs to be amusing as well as appealing.

The latest training program is story-centered and gamified to involve members. Adult education research has revealed that story-centered training assists to improve knowledge preservation, while the program is made amusing by placing the member in the part of a secret agent encountering many different situations while traveling.

The training program is mobile friendly, letting business tourists to finish the program on the go as well as discover everything they require to know to make sure they aren’t tricked by a phishing attack or cheat on their travels; training them to know and avoid dangers.

The program includes elementary cybersecurity rehearsals for business travelers like the safe usage of Wi-Fi hotspots at airports and hotels, training workers to be more careful on social media, and showing the dangers of revealing confidential information openly. The program trains workers to identify phishing efforts, demonstrates them how to keep confidential information safe, how to preserve private device safety, and the significance of linking to Wi-Fi hotspots securely utilizing a VPN.

Steve Conrad, MediaPro Managing Director said, “It is absolutely essential that these days’ business travelers remain safety-conscious when on the road, which is the reason we have designed a consciousness program particularly for them.”

“Frequently, we are less watchful when we are roaming, which raises our weakness. It is important that workers build good consciousness traditions into their everyday lives, regardless of whether they are on the road or otherwise. MediaPro’s Travel Safety progressed, founded on award-winning know-how, is here to assist,” said MediaPro’s chief planner for privacy, security and conformity, Tom Pendergast.