MediaPro Starts Latest Travel Safety Consciousness Training Program

Companies can train their workers to be more safety conscious in the office, however, when it comes down to business tours, workers face extra safety risks. Training workers to be more security conscious when touring can assist them to evade dangerous behaviors that might possibly result in malevolent program infections or the unintentional exposure of confidential information.

To assist companies to cope with the additional dangers that originate from a business tour, MediaPro has established a new travel safety consciousness training program, which has nowadays been added to its big library of safety consciousness training programs.

Training programs can be boring and dull, and if workers aren’t involved, they do not learn and knowledge preservation is bad. MediaPro understands that training can be a task for workers, and has created its training programs to be engaging and fun.

The up-to-date training program is story-based as well as gamified to involve partakers. Adult learning study has demonstrated that story-based training assists to improve knowledge preservation, while the program is made amusing by placing the partaker in the part of a secret agent confronting various different situations while traveling.

The training program is mobile friendly, letting business travelers finish the program on the go and note everything they require to know to make sure they don’t fall for a scam or phishing attack on their trips; training them to know and evade risks.

The program includes elementary cybersecurity methods for business visitors like the safe usage of Wi-Fi hotspots at airports and hotels, training workers to take more precaution on social media, and showing the risks of disclosing confidential information in the community. The program trains workers to identify phishing attempts displays them how to keep confidential information safe, how to maintain private device safety, and the significance of linking to Wi-Fi hotspots safely utilizing a VPN.

Steve Conrad, MediaPro Managing Director, said, “It is absolutely necessary that today’s business visitors remain security-aware when on the road, that’s why we have designed an awareness program particularly for them.”

“Habitually, we are less watchful when we are roaming, which enhances our susceptibility. It is important that workers build good consciousness habits into their day to day lives, regardless of whether they are on the road or not. MediaPro’s Travel Security programmed, based on award-winning proficiency, is here to assist,” said Tom Pendergast, MediaPro’s chief planner for privacy security, and compliance.