Microsoft Applies Parental Approval on Juvenile Accounts for GDPR Compliance

May 13, 2018


As of May 25, the GDPR goes into effect in all EU member states. Nevertheless, this law aimed at safeguarding the data of all European Union inhabitants anywhere in the world has consequences for any enterprise or company that employs or does business with any EU national.

Microsoft has lately pondered how the law affects their company. GDPR says that every European Union national should be provided with an approval form to gather their private data, handle it, use it and store it. Additionally, the new rules state that these people should be provided with clear declarations concerning what has been or is being gathered and how it’s being used. European Union nationals have the entitlement to check their data for completeness and accuracy. They have the entitlement to restrict its use and to ask for changes, deletions, or additions.

Firms like Microsoft have under-age customers. This becomes an additional trouble. The firm has made a decision to introduce a new parent form which clearly defines their rights concerning their kids’ data.

Safety of private data isn’t a new concern or concept for Microsoft. Nevertheless, the firm like several others has had to look at secrecy problems and how their existing policy blends with GDPR. The firm has wide experience and know-how in private data secrecy. They are eager to comply with GDPR rules and legislation.

Microsoft has studied their existing secrecy policies and whether these match GDPR assurances to EU nationals to have access to their private data. EU nationals also have the entitlement to rectify any mistakes, delete private data, and object to how and why it is being handled. They have the entitlement to request that their private data be exported and to whom.

Several of these rules should be considered as they may lead to alterations to the way Microsoft receives procedures and/or stores private data of EU nationals.