Mimecast Increases Its Email Threat Protection Facilities

April 20, 2018


A fresh Mimecast study, carried out by Vanson Bourne, disclosed companies are now having to cope with a range of various cyber threats and the frequency and volume of attacks are rising. 53% of businesses taking part in the study think electronic mail-based dangers will have a damaging effect on their company during the next 12 months.

Phishing attacks, and particularly impersonation attacks, have risen substantially in current months. Impersonation attacks – like Business Electronic mail Compromise cheats – usually involve the impersonation of high-ranking managers. Electronic mails are sent from their electronic mail accounts to payroll and accounts staff to get workers in those divisions to make fake bank transfers. The HR division is also usually targeted to deceive workers into sending confidential data like W-2 Forms having workers’ tax information.

These kinds of attacks are increasing in frequency and volume, even though there has also been a marked surge in impersonation attacks comprising third parties – the impersonation of reliable contacts and suppliers. The Mimecast/Vanson Bourne study demonstrated 40% of companies have seen a surge in these external impersonation attacks during the past 12 months.

Mimecast has reacted with a fresh solution that can assist companies to find and obstruct these kinds of attacks. Impersonation Protect offers safety versus supply chain impersonation attacks by safeguarding versus the use of lookalike third-party domains.

These duplicate domains habitually transfer letters, even though there has been an increase in the use of domains with Cyrillic letters, like the use of the Cyrillic ‘a’ in place of the Western ‘a’ in a domain. By using this method, scammers can easily deceive workers into clicking links in electronic mails. Mimecast Impersonation Protect contains new algorithms to ensure for these kinds of impersonation attempts and obstructs them before they cause damage.

The Impersonation Protect solution also contains new real-time data feeds, which assist find lately listed domains. These feeds come through Mimecast’s international danger intelligence network, Internal Electronic mail Protect.

“Internal Electronic mail Protect will continuously check and re-check the position of all file attachment “fingerprints” internationally,” clarifies Mimecast. “If the safety posture of a transported file alters, the facility is designed to swiftly warn and update managers, manually or automatically remediate attachment-based malware and will log occurrence actions.”

The new improvements are planned to be made available in June 2018 via Mimecast’s cloud platform, Mime|OS.