Namaste Health Treatment Pays Money to Regain PHI

A cyberpunk accessed a file server utilized by Ashland, MI- centered Namaste Health Care as well as installed illegal computer software, encrypting a wide variety of data including patients’ PHI.

Access was obtained to the file computer network during the weekend of August 12-13 as well as an illegal computer software was installed; nevertheless, before the installation of illegal computer software, it’s uncertain whether patients’ PHI was stolen or accessed. The Ashland clinic noticed its data had been encrypted when workforce came back to the workplace on Monday, August 14.

Swift action was taken to avoid any more accessing of its file information processing system, including stopping access as well as taking the server off. An outer freelancer was hired to assist rectify the attack and get rid of all remnants of the malevolent program from its system.

To regain files, Namaste Health Care decided to reimburse the attacker’s redemption demand. In this instance, a legal key was provided by that person and it was possible to open the encrypted records. The hospital was capable to regain files and get its systems back online after some days. The case encouraged the clinic to carry out an appraisal of its safety precautions as well as make “robust updates” to its “firewall as well as distant access technology.”

The inquiry into the breach didn’t disclose any proof to indicate that the attacker had accessed PHI, and no proof was found to indicate that any PHI was thieved. Having said that, it was also not possible to decide with a high level of confidence that theft and data access didn’t happen.


The file server had a wide variety of PHI, including names, dates of birth, addresses, health insurance information, Social Security numbers, medical record numbers, and information pertaining to visits and appointments to the hospital, including the motives for those visits/appointments. The revealed data linked to all patients who had gone to the hospital, or arranged a meeting to visit, before August 14, 2017.


Because of the confidential nature of files stowed on the computer server, all patients have been provided identity thievery protection facilities via AllClear ID. Notices regarding the ID protection facilities have been transmitted on behalf of the hospital by AllClear ID.

Although the alternate breach notification displayed on the Namaste Health Care site doesn’t especially state that fiscal information was possibly undermined, the hospital said, “We suggest that you alert your banking organizations and request a modification of any account numbers, in case you provided us with this type of information.”

The case has yet to become visible on the Division of Health and Human Services’ OCR breach portal, therefore it’s unclear precisely how many patients have been affected.