OCR Introduces Information is Strong Medicine Promotion to Inspire Patients to Access Their Health Files

The Division of Health and Human Services’ OCR has introduced a new promotion to raise the consciousness of patients’ entitlement to access their health info and the advantages of doing this.

The “Information is Strong Medicine” promotion tells patients that they have the entitlement to get copies of their health files and informs them to “Obtain it. Verify it. Utilize it.”

The advantages to patients are obvious. If they get copies of the health info they can verify their medical files for mistakes and rectify any errors. Having access to health files assists patients to make better choices concerning their health care and talk about their health more completely with their suppliers. Equipped with their health files, patients can do more to remain fit.

Patients are suggested that the HIPAA Secrecy Law lets them get an electronic or physical copy of their health files and that their supplier must deliver the info as requested within 30 days. It has been clarified that they might be charged a token fee for getting a copy of their health files. Patients are also notified that copies of their health files can’t be declined by their suppliers, even when there is a medical invoice unsettled.

Healthcare suppliers must inspire their patients to take more interest in their own healthcare and get copies of their health files. OCR has created a variety of sources for healthcare suppliers, including web banners, brochures, and posters to use to accomplish this objective.

The OCR sources can be accessed on this linkage: HIPAA Right to Access Health Information.

Healthcare suppliers must make it as simple as possible for patients to demand copies of their health files. To make the procedure as simple as possible, think using the model PHI request form created by AHIMA. The form assists healthcare suppliers to simplify the request procedure and ensures all required info is gotten from patients.