ParkMyCloud Now Permits Azure Scale Sets to be Parked

June 2, 2018


As with AWS auto-scaling groups as well as GCP Managed Instance Groups, Azure Scale Sets can be parked with or without autoscaling, letting groups to be either switched off completely or set to a low state when they are not needed. This new functionality lets users to further optimize their cloud occurrences, leading to even further cost savings.

Users can set an Azure Scale Sets parking plan with a minimum or a maximum number of resources. A typical on/off plan can be set which has a maximum number of zero resources, with groups switched off completely when they are not needed. Alternatively, in the low state, a minimum number of 1 resource can be set or more, based on the requirements of the users.

The capability to park Azure scale sets is not automatically enabled in the ParkMyCloud platform. Prior to it is possible to park these auto scaling groups, Azure Service Account authorizations should be updated – Information on how to do that is provided in the ParkMyCloud’s User Guidebook for users’ convenience.

When account consents have been altered scale sets can be planned and parked. To make this as simple as possible, it is possible to filter the dashboard to only show scale groups – through ‘Resources’ in the left-hand menu. Parking plans can then be set for groups in the same way that they can for separate resources.