Patients PHI Revealed in Two Separate HIPAA Breaches

June 22, 2018


Two HIPAA-protected companies are making their patients conscious that some of their protected health information (PHI) have been thieved by illegal people in recent times.

PHI Thieved from Staff Member of Christus Spohn Hospitals

The PHI of people being cured at two Christus Spohn Hospitals in Corpus Christi has been taken in a recent thievery.

A Christus Spohn staff member was thieved on April 16, 2018 and PHI was gotten including data like names, ages, account numbers, medical history numbers, dates of service, birth dates, and other medical data. No financial particulars, driver’s license numbers, or Social Security numbers were gotten.

Patients impacted by the thievery had earlier attended Shoreline hospitals or Christus Spohn Health System’s Memorial. Although PHI was thieved, the information doesn’t appear to have been used wrongly. Christus Spohn has disclosed that about 1,800 patients have been impacted by the occurrence.

Measures have already been applied to avoid more occurrences like this from happening, and the staff member in question has received extra training on activities that must be modified to make sure PHI is protected.

PHI of Customers of a San Francisco Acupuncturist Clinic Thieved

The patients of San Francisco acupuncturist Denise M. Bowden are being warned that some of their PHI were taken from her Pacific Heights clinic. The acupuncturist saw the theft on April 30, 2018, with the offices unlawfully entered at some point over the earlier weekend.

The robber got a computer from the clinic that had data including clients’ names, diagnosis codes, times and dates of service, contact telephone details, addresses, and health insurance details. No financial particulars or Social Security information was saved on the computer in question.

Although the computer was password protected, patient data were not encoded and might possibly be viewed by illegal persons. No reports have been filed to indicate any of the data on the computer has been retrieved and used wrongly. Patients were warned of the breach by post on June 11, 2018.