Phishing Attack on Sutter Health Business Partner Affects Patients

Sutter Health is getting in touch with certain patients to inform them that their PHI might have been exposed to a phishing attack on the legal company Salem and Green, one of its BAs.

It’s supposed that the attack happened on or around October 11, 2017, a phishing electronic mail was gotten by an employee at Salem and Green. The employee replied and, in doing this, let the assailants access to their electronic mail account. Upon discovering that the attack has taken place, a forensics company was hired to perform a check of the affected computer as well as network to decide the type of the attack and whether any confidential information had been stolen.

The analysis showed that the safety breach was confined to a sole electronic mail account and that approach to the account was possible only for two days. During that period that the electronic mail account was approachable, the cyber assailant had approached to all electronic mails in the staff member’s account, a few of which included the PHI of some Sutter Health customers.

The diversity of data that might have been retrieved by the assailant was kept to names, Social Security credentials, driver’s license numbers, dates of birth, and other identifying particulars.

It couldn’t be completely checked that data access, as well as thievery, happened, nor could it be totally precluded. Sutter Health has stated that it thinks the possibility of data abuse isn’t high.

To be secure, all people that might have been affected by the happening have been provided free credit checking and identity thievery safety facilities for a duration of 12 months.

Sutter Health has declared that statements that the legal practice is setting up the defense to strengthen safety to get rid of the possibility of more breaches of this type and workers have been provided safety consciousness education to help them identify electronic mail dangers like phishing. The allowed practice is also setting up 2-factor verification methods on every internal electronic mail account which will remove account access from strange computers or devices.