Phishing Mockup Certification Plan Offered by Cofense

Cofense, the business previously called PhishMe, has introduced the industry’s first ever phishing mockup certification plan.

The program includes all of the skills required to create, perform, and sustain phishing mockup and worker safety consciousness programs. After finishing the training, safety experts will be conferred with Cofense PhishMe accreditation which proves their capability to run phishing mockup programs.

As per Cofense, the plan will take roughly 4 hours to finish and consists of 3 training units. Each training unit covers many areas of training and can be finished over any interval of time – whenever partakers have the time to spare.

If a training unit requires being halted at any time – due to personal commitments or work– the module is automatically bookmarked and can be restarted at any point. As soon as all three units have been effectively finished, Cofense will deliver a document to show accomplishment of the program. ISC(2) CPE credits will also be conferred to the operator who self-report.

The first stage is the end of the Use Unit. This training unit includes all the features and functions of the Cofense PhishMe phishing mockup platform, from developing as well as beginning an operation to setting up and supervising analytics and reports. The unit covers the formation of tailored phishing campaigns and use of the wide variety of templates available via the program. Users will also be shown the way to develop safety consciousness academic content for workers.

The Threat Landscape Unit helps partakers understand the present danger landscape and runs through the present and developing phishing methods and the common attack paths. This unit improves knowing of phishing as well as can be used to show future mockups and the creation of teaching material for users.

The third and final teaching unit – the Methodology Unit – covers best practices that must be adapted to generate effective phishing mockup plans. Cofense passes on expertise gained from working with thousands of customers, including many Fortune 100 companies and small and medium-sized businesses that have run their own phishing mockup programs.

The phishing mockup accreditation program has been made available to existing Cofense clients and is free of cost under their product license.