PhishLine Acquired by Barracuda Networks

The phishing security consciousness training and reproduction business PhishLine has been acquired by Barracuda Networks.

Barracuda Networks is increasing its phishing protection solutions and is scheduling on producing a complete anti-phishing platform that contains phishing simulation exercises, data protection, security awareness training, gateway security, and AI-based threat intelligence.

Barracuda already provides its clients a wide variety of anti-phishing facilities, even though the company lacked a phishing simulation platform and security consciousness training library. Being a top supplier of a phishing reproduction platform as well as safety consciousness training items, PhishLine was an appealing purchase target.

CEO Barracuda BJ Jenkins said, “Safety consciousness training is an essential and rapidly growing area, specifically with progressively targeted attacks making the human part a vital link in the safety value series.”

Even the most sophisticated electronic mail safety systems can’t identify every single phishing electronic mail. Cybercriminals are continuously changing tricks and developing increasingly advanced phishing electronic mails that sometimes slip past organization’s safety stacks. Although anti-phishing solutions are excellent at hindering phishing cheats, they are less effective at obstructing targeted phishing attacks – called spear phishing. A robust anti-phishing protection should, therefore, comprise workers and technology.

Companies provide safety consciousness training to their workers can considerably improve their safety position. From now on Barracuda Networks clients will have access to teaching matter that will assist them to improve their own safety consciousness coaching programs, as well as a phishing reproduction facility to check the efficiency of those coaching programs.

President and CEO at PhishLine, Mark T Chapman said, “Barracuda’s inventions around targeted attacks, archiving, AI and data safety match PhishLine’s solutions properly. Our mutual strengths provide a complete, data-driven method to help clients fight cleverer, remove dangers, alleviate dangers, and gain greater peace of mind.”

This is the second main purchase for Barracuda in the last two months. The company also acquired the cloud archiving business Sonian in November and has attached email archiving and safe storage to its facility heap.