PhishLine Associates with Pipeline Security and Steps into the Japanese Marketplace

Milwaukee-based safety consciousness coaching and anti-phishing seller PhishLine has declared a fresh collaboration with the Tokyo-centered company Pipeline Security.

It’s expected that this new company will assist PhishLine to increase its footmark in East Asia and reinforce its existence in the Japanese safety marketplace.

Pipeline Security is a well-appreciated safety company that serves several top-tier organizations in Japan, providing a variety of safety solutions to assist Japanese companies to increase their information safety controls. Together with technological solutions that can decrease vulnerability to cyberattacks, Pipeline Security will currently be providing an anti-phishing solution and PhishLine’s safety consciousness training platform.

Companies can apply a variety of security controls, however, those solutions frequently don’t deal with the human part. When phishing electronic mails are delivered to users, or workers face phishing sites when surfing the Internet, it’s necessary that the dangers are known. Even the best safety defenses can all too effortlessly be ruined by a single worker that lacks safety consciousness.

As CEO of Pipeline Security, Allan Watanabe explained, “The humanoid aspect will always be the main weak point in the cyber safety kill sequence.” Irrespective of the technical solutions used, if workers aren’t taught to be more safety conscious, companies will continue to confront a high danger of surrendering to an effective cyberattack.

The dangers were clearly underscored by the WannaCry illegal computer software attacks in May 2017. A number of Japanese companies were infested by the illegal computer software, including Honda. The production plant of Honda was required to provisionally close down when its systems were infested with the illegal computer software. In total, about 600 Japanese businesses were impacted by that only illegal computer software attack, which took out over 2,000 computer systems as per the Japan Computer Emergency Reaction Group.

“Increasing worker safety consciousness with PhishLine’s safety simulations and teaching in Phishing, Smishing, and Vishing enable businesses to arrange and alleviate possible problems when real safety problems arise,” said Watanabe.

Pipeline Security will currently be providing PhishLine’s safety consciousness and anti-phishing behavior administration teaching to its customers, providing them entrance to thousands of teaching sources and PhishLine’s phishing as well as social engineering simulation checks.