PhishMe Admired in 2017 Info Safety PG’s International Excellence Awards

The Info Safety PG’s International Excellence Awards identify safety businesses that have created exceptional products that let companies safeguard their digital means. The awards, which are currently in their 13th year, encompass a wide variety of information safety businesses and InfoSec goods, including awards for administration, customer facility, and obviously, the effectiveness and usability of the goods.

The yearly awards recognize brilliance in the discipline of information safety and showcase companies that have created ground-breaking goods that raise the bar for other people. To be chosen as a finalist, companies should have gone the additional mile and made sure their services and products are really first class.

The PhishMe phishing resolution was first issued in 2008 with the company included in 2011. Since then, the business has profited from outstanding management and substantial investment, letting the company to greatly expand its variety of products. PhishMe now provides a threat intelligence service, a phishing simulation platform, end-user training and goods that significantly improve reporting as well as incident reaction.

PhishMe now hires over 200 staff members and has undergone 892% expansion over the past 3 years. The business has become a world guru in the field of phishing protection.

PhishMe is now the most broadly accepted anti-phishing solution. Nearly half of the Fortune 100 businesses have selected PhishMe goods for phishing attack identification, attack intelligence, and incident reaction.

This year PhishMe was chosen as a contender in 4 Info Safety PG’s Global Brilliance Awards types and Rohyt Belani received an award for Chief Executive Officer of the Year (100-499 workers) for the 2nd year in a row.

Acknowledging the award, Belani said “It’s really an honor to be acknowledged as a Chief Executive Officer of the Year by Info Safety Products Guide for the 2nd year in a row,” however clarified that “The actual winners are the brilliant workers at PhishMe. These awards are evidence of the hard work and devotion of every member of the PhishMe group.”

PhishMe was also nominated as a contender in 2 product category awards – Best Security Service and Best Deployments in the United States.