Phishme (Currently Cofense) Earns Five Cybersecurity Awards

PhishMe (currently Cofense) has received five 2018 Cybersecurity Brilliance Awards for its phishing protection answers.

Cybersecurity Insiders create the Cybersecurity Brilliance Awards plan in collaboration with the Information Safety Group on LinkedIn. The awards plan acknowledges brilliance in the arena of cybersecurity with awards given to firms that have shown leadership, excellence, and invention in information safety. This year there were over 400 entries throughout 70 different classes.

The awards winners were chosen based on the intensity of their recommendations and associates of the Information Safety Community should vote for their best-valued services and products. The qualifiers for the awards were declared on February 1 and the victors on February 7.

To be nominated even as a qualifier verifies that a firm has developed outstanding services and products that assist companies to defend their data and networks versus cyberattacks. Cybersecurity Insiders notices that “All finalists and winners mirror the very finest in these days’ cybersecurity business.”

PhishMe was nominated as a qualifier in five classes of the Cybersecurity Product Awards and a qualifier in one sort of the Cybersecurity Expert Awards. PhishMe received four awards for its creations and one for its workforce.

PhishMe was a Gold Victor for PhishMe Sorting in the Incident Reaction class, whereas PhishMe Reporter/PhishMe Simulator got a joint Gold Awards in the Safety Education Platform class. PhishMe CBFree was provided a Silver Award in the Safety Education group, whereas PhishMe Cleverness was provided a Bronze Award in the Intelligence, Threat Detection, and Response group. PhishMe Expert Services was nominated as a runner-up in the Managed Safety Service group.

A Cybersecurity Expert Silver Award was provided for PhishMe Client Help (North America) in the Cybersecurity Squad of the Year group.

“We are pleased that the Cybersecurity Brilliance Award team acknowledged the worth of our services, teams, and solutions, which assist companies to concentrate on an often-missing part of the safety problem – the human part,” stated Rohyt Belani, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of PhishMe (Cofense). “Our program lets more government agencies and Fortune 500s than any other to allow workers to identify as well as inform phishing attacks while allowing incident reaction groups to swiftly study these dangers in real time.”