PhishMe Incorporated in 2017 Deloitte Knowledge Fast 500 Listing

The 2017 Deloitte’s Knowledge Fast 500 has been circulated – a listing of the best 500 quickest expanding businesses in the United States in the energy tech, telecoms, media, and life sciences trades.

For the 3rd successive year, anti-phishing resolution supplier PhishMe has been incorporated in the Deloitte Knowledge Fast 500 listing. This year, in the general ranks, PhishMe was rated 200 and attained place 114 in the software group.

To be incorporated in the Deloitte Knowledge Fast 500 listing, companies should have base-year working incomes more than $50,000, present working year incomes more than $5 million, and should possess intellectual property or branded technology that’s vended to clients in items that add to a bulk of the company’s working incomes. Companies should also have a United States head office and have been in the trade for no less than 4 years.

The last 3 years have observed PhishMe relish continuous and considerable expansion. PhishMe is today utilized by over 1,600 business clients all over the world, and over the last 3 years, the company has had 288% worker increase and has stretched into numerous new areas, including Australia and Japan and the META and EMEA areas. PhishMe’s anti-phishing resolutions are now utilized by roughly 50% of Fortune 100 businesses, assisting them to protect against the onslaught of refined phishing attacks.

Over the past 3 years, PhishMe has started new regional centers in 8 places all over the world and intends to carry on its growth all through 2018.

CEO and Co-Founder, PhishMe, Rohyt Belani said, “This pace of expansion is increasingly tough to accomplish year-over-year since our base income number expands and we keep a strong focus on success in the near-term. Our achievement so far is a direct proof to our safety industry know-how, continuous invention, strong implementation, and motivated client base, all of which increase our struggles to generate an additional cyber-resilient world by enabling the individual to protect against today’s top dangers.”

The accomplishment of the company is due to its strong leadership, extremely helpful anti-phishing resolutions, and the devotion of its workers to make the company the top provider of anti-phishing training and technologies.  This year, Belani has again been accepted for his idea and determination being called a 2017 EY Businessperson of the Year. PhishMe has also earned many awards this year, including 2017 SC Europe Prizes, addition in the 2017 Washington Business Journal’s Quick Expanding Businesses, and being called front-runner in the 2017 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Safety Consciousness Computer-Based Teaching.