Popcorn Training Bought by KnowBe4

Safety consciousness coaching and phishing replication platform supplier KnowBe4 has declared it has bought the South African coaching business Popcorn Coaching. The purchase will see the South African company’s 52 coaching units included into the KnowBe4 coaching library.

Popcorn Coaching is a prize-winning coaching company with an international customer base. The company is recognized for developing engaging coaching material and has created a wide collection of coaching material that’s now used by businesses all over the world to improve their workers and assist them to acquire new expertise.

Popcorn Coaching was incorporated into Gartner’s Opponents Magical Quadrant for Safety Education Consciousness Computer-Based Coaching in 2014 and was placed in the Futurists quadrant in 2016.

Although Popcorn Coaching units will be delivered to KnowBe4 clients, the Johannesburg and Cape Town-located business will carry on to work under the same product name and will work as an independent and separate branch of Tampa Bay-located KnowBe4.

KnowBe4 has quickly become one of the prominent suppliers of safety consciousness coaching material and anti-phishing expertise. The company’s coaching material and phishing replication platform are now utilized by over 16,000 firms all over the world to improve their fortifications versus phishing dangers, CEO scam, and social engineering attacks.

KnowBe4 coaching material has been created by the globally known hacker turned safety specialist, Kevin Mitnick – KnowBe4’s Topmost Hacking Manager.

The purchase of Popcorn Coaching will see the firm’s big coaching library boosted, with users profiting from Popcorn’s attractive interactive material.

Popcorn Training Chief Executive Officer, Anna Collard said, “We are happy for becoming a portion of the KnowBe4 group for many reasons. Initially, it will let us increase our contribution and mix with KnowBe4’s best of variety training & phishing solutions. Then, by becoming KnowBe4’s rep for the African area, we look ahead to creating solutions and content that are appropriate to the African setting. Thirdly, the deal enables us to carry on to develop and to remain focused on what we like doing, which is generating high-quality cyber safety consciousness content.”

KnowBe4 Chief Executive Officer, Stu Sjouwerman said, “We are happy to have a new innovative content group on board and are very encouraged about increasing our footmark into South Africa.”