President Trump Recommends Alex Azar for HHS Administrator

Alex Azar, ex-Deputy Secretary of the Division of Health and Human Services, is listed to take over from ex-Secretary Tom Price after getting the presidential selection for the job. Azar earlier worked as general counsel to the Health and Human Services as well as Assistant Secretary in the George W. Bush government.

President Trump verified on Twitter that he thinks Azar is the man for the position, tweeting “Glad to declare, I am recommending Alex Azar to be the following Health and Human Services Secretary. He will be a superstar for improved healthcare and reduce drug costs!”

The post of Secretary of the Department of HHS vacated by former Secretary Tom Price in September, after disclosures about his contentious usage of a military plane and costly charter flights to move around the republic.

Although there were numerous possible contenders tipped to get the recommendation, including Seema Verma, manager at the Centers for Medicare as well as Medicaid Services and Scott Gottlieb, administrator of the Food as well as Drug Administration, President Trump has made a contentious selection.

Alex Azar is a qualified attorney but has passed the last 10 years working in the pharmaceutical business – a business controlled by the HHS. In 2007, Azar signed up pharmaceutical Goliath Eli Lilly taking the job of senior vice president of company matters as well as communications prior to developing to the leader of the U.S. Department of the company until January 2017, when he departed to set up his own consulting company.

The recommendation of Azar has shocked many. Although President Trump has tweeted that he perceives Azar as the man to assist reduce drug costs, Eli Lilly has drawn substantial denunciation in the bygone days for hikes in medicine costs, particularly for price increases to Insulin, among the company’s main pharmaceutical stuff. President Trump has earlier asserted the pharmaceutical business is ‘managing with murder’ deciding prices for their stuff.

Democrats have already voiced doubt on how Azar would help reduce healthcare prices, not sharing Trump’s cheerful opinion that Azar can assist push costs downward.

Azar has also been a severe opponent of the Affordable Car Law, sharing President’s Trump’s opinion that the ACA must be canceled. In spite of constant efforts, the disappointment to cancel ACA will imply that if selected, Azar will be accountable for supervising the implementation of the ACA.

Prior to Azar can take the charge of the Division of Health and Human Services, he should first be ratified by Congress. Azar’s background while working in the pharmaceutical sector is sure to be analyzed, as will his pledge to implementing the Affordable Care Law that he has earlier fiercely resisted.