Proofpoint’s Purchase of Wombat Safety Technologies has now been Finished

Proofpoint announced, in early February that it was to purchase the safety consciousness and phishing imitation platform supplier Wombat Safety Technologies for $225 million. Two days ago, Proofpoint has verified that the purchase has now been finished.

The purchase will see Wombat Safety’s phishing imitation platform, its safety consciousness computer-based teaching content, as well as its phishing recording tool integrated into the Proofpoint Link system offering a more detailed variety of anti-phishing resolutions for Proofpoint clients.

Proofpoint has accepted that although technology is vital to defend against phishing attacks, the ever-changing strategies of cybercriminals implies technological solutions can’t provide perfect safety. As phishers and scammers create new methods for targeting workers, some hateful electronic mails are sure to slide through the net. It is for that reason, necessary for companies to make sure that they have a human firewall in position. The mentality of workers needs to change, workers should be taught the proficiencies to recognize electronic mail dangers, and they also should be provided the tackles to report malicious electronic mails.

“The purchase of Wombat provides us greater capability to assist safeguard our clients from today’s social engineering-driven, people-centric, cyber attacks and we are excited to welcome Wombat’s workers to the Proofpoint group,” said Gary Steele, Proofpoint Chief Executive Officer.

The purchase implies Proofpoint clients will benefit from industry top phishing defense via Proofpoint, and industry directing safety consciousness training due to the Wombat Safety solutions. Both will be accessible via the same platform.

On the safety consciousness training side, the new proficiencies let Proofpoint clients carry out phishing replication exercises utilizing real-world instances of phishing attacks. Users may be rated on their features and taught to cope with attacks they are probably to experience. Unsuccessful phishing checks provide an opening for training instantly after they have fallen for a replicated phishing cheat. The phishing reporting capability also lets users inform possible phishing electronic mails to their safety teams, letting quick inquiry and alleviation of ongoing attacks.

The purchase is expected to enhance Proofpoint’s 2018 invoicing from $828 – $833 million to $864 – $869 million. Its income scope is expected to enhance from $149 – $151 million to $151 – $153. Non-GAAP net earnings will decrease from $8 – $9 million to $7.5 – $8.5 million and possibly there will be no material effect to the earlier reported available cash flow of $22-24 million.