Ransomware Attack Results in Class Action Litigation versus Allscripts

A ransomware attack, disclosed previous week, versus the EHR seller, Allscripts resulted in thousands of healthcare sellers being banned from retrieving patient data or utilizing the e-prescription facility. Florida-located Surfside Non-Medical Orthopedics have moved swiftly to record a class action litigation versus Allscripts.

Allscripts is a provider of EHR and e-prescription facilities to19,000 post-acute care centers and 2,500 hospitals. The previous week, a new kind of SamSam ransomware was transferred to the firm´s data centers in Raleigh and Charlotte, NC, deserting 1,500 clients incapable to log on to numerous online apps.

Response groups from Cisco and Microsoft helped the company to reestablish its e-prescribing facility by Saturday; however, for many customers, the Allscripts PRO EHR system is still inaccessible or experiencing sporadic outages. Allscripts reps have been incapable to verify when a complete restoration will be done.

The class action litigation versus Allscripts was recorded in the U.S. District Court for the Northern Region of Illinois where the business is situated. It asserts Allscripts was careless in failing to protect their systems versus cyberattacks and that the business was conscious of faults in its online safety. The grievance refers to the firm´s most recent 10-K filing which says: “If our safety is violated, we might be subject to legal responsibility, and our customers might be discouraged from using our services and products”.

Attorneys acting for the petitioner – Florida-based Surfside Non-Surgical Orthopedics – Allscripts expected the illegal computer software attack in the K-10 filing; and, because of the attack, their customers experienced “substantial business disruption and interruption, and lost incomes”. The class action litigation versus Allscripts also claims a violation of the agreement, unfair enrichment, and violations of Illinois´ Even Deception Trade Practices Act as well as Consumer Racket Law.

Steven Tapper – a participant of class action litigation versus Allscripts – thinks the ransomware attack might have aimed many more customers than the business is confessing. He stated to journalists: “We really do not know. Allscripts has not disclosed the complete extent of the effect”. His coworker – John Yanchunis – added it might take as long as eighteen months to settle the case, however, Allscripts might elect to seek an instant solution. “I would expect that would be the situation here,” he added.