Ransomware Attack Possibly Affects 128K Arkansas Patients

An illegal computer software attack has possibly affected up to 128,000 patients of Arkansas Oral Facial Surgery Center.

Illegal computer software Ransomware was thought to be connected to its computer on or around July 25. The attack was found out swiftly, even though not before x-ray images, files, and records had been encrypted. The occurrence didn’t lead to the encryption of its patient record, apart from a ‘comparatively limited’ group of patients whose data pertained to their current calls encrypted. Those patients had gone to the center for medical facilities in the 3 weeks before the ransomware attack.

The illegal computer software attack is still under analysis, even though to date, no proof of data thievery has been discovered. Arkansas Oral Facial Surgery Center thinks the only objective of the attack was to extract money, and not to thieve data; nevertheless, it hasn’t been possible to exclude data theft or data access with a high level of confidence.

The images and files that were possibly accessed contained information like names, dates of birth, addresses, health insurance details, Social Security numbers, health conditions, treatment information, medical diagnoses, and other medical information. The illegal computer software attack has also rendered medical images, files, and particulars of calls inaccessible.

As confidential safeguarded health information has possibly been accessed, patients are being informed of the breach by post. All affected people have been provided credit monitoring and identity repair facilities through AllClear ID for one year without a fee.

Arkansas Oral Facial Surgery Center has alerted patients to be vigilant for phishing attacks in the wake of the breach and has reinforced it wouldn’t request any individual information through the email or telephone in relation to the breach. If any emails or calls are received, patients must treat them as possible phishing tricks.