RiverMend Health Electronic mail Breach Affects 1300 Patients

Augusta, Georgia-based RiverMend Health, a supplier of field behavioral health facilities including facilities for alcohol and drug dependence, has found that an illegal person has accessed the electronic mail account of its employee.

The illegal access was noticed on August 10, 2017, as soon as doubtful electronic mails were found being sent from the worker’s account. The doubtful electronic mail activity was probed and entrance to the account was obstructed on August 11, 2017. The inquiry showed the entrance to the account was first achieved 2 weeks earlier on July 27.

All through the 2 weeks that the electronic mail account was available, it’s probable that the worker’s electronic mails were retrieved by the assailant. Those electronic mails had a variety of PHI of 1,300 former and current patients.  RiverMend Health has booked the facilities of a prominent computer forensics company to help with the inquiry and decide the complete nature of the breach as well as the level of the attack. RiverMend Health hasn’t disclosed how access to the electronic mail account was gotten, nevertheless has said measures have been taken to avoid more breaches of this type from happening.

The inquiry hasn’t found any proof to indicate PHI – and – emails were accessed, misused, or stolen, nor that the thievery of PHI was the cause of the attack. Nevertheless, it wasn’t probable to preclude PHI access with a high level of confidence.

Now patients have been alerted of the breach by post and have been instructed that the below mentioned info was possibly accessed: names, address, date of birth or age, RiverMend service used, recommendation source, services provided, diagnostic information, demographic information, and billing and/or insurance details.

All patients affected by the breach have been urged to exercise care as well as confirm their accounts, credit reports, and description of benefits reports for any indication of doubtful activity and to inform any doubtful activity to RiverMend instantly.