Roger Severino Nominated New Director of HHS’ OCR

The Division of Health and Human Services’ OCR has a different frontrunner. The Trump Administration has selected ex-civil rights trial lawyer Roger Severino to manage the HIPAA implementation attempts of the OCR.

Severino joins up OCR from the Tradition Foundation’s Davos Base for Community, Institute for Family, Civil Society, and Religion as well as Opportunity, where he worked as a Director since May 2015.

An official announcement regarding the nomination of the new OCR Director has not yet been issued; nevertheless, the Heritage Foundation has verified that Severino is no more on the workforce and his name has been inserted to the HHS site. A representative for OCR has also verified that Severino will be the new director as well as Severino’s LinkedIn synopsis has also been revised to incorporate his latest title as OCR chief.

Severino has got a backdrop in civil rights legal action, having acted as a trial lawyer for the Division of Justice for a period of 7 years in the Civil and Housing Implementation department. During his stint at the Department of Justice, Severino implemented the Title II as well as Title VI of the Civil Rights Law of 1964, Fair Housing Law, and also the Holy Land Use and Established Persons Law. Severino has also worked as Legal Support for the Becket Fund for Religious Freedom from July 2003 to May 2008.

Although Severino has civil rights knowledge and has devoted time working in the division of the DOJ that implements illicit HIPAA laws, he doesn’t seem to have much experience of secrecy and safety matters.

LGBT Groups Communicate Anxiety Concerning New OCR Nomination

Several human rights groups have communicated anxiety over the nomination of Severino as boss of OCR because of the opinions he has earlier stated regarding transgender persons and same-sex weddings. Severino has written a lot of reports in which he has spoken out in the hostility of LGBT privileges and pro-LGBT lawmaking. Severino has also spoken out in contradiction of Planned Parentage.

Senior vice president of the plan and political matters at the Human Rights Movement, JoDee Winterhof said, ‘There is not a more dangerous individual to lead HHSGov’s Office for Civil Rights than LGBTQ adversary Roger Severino.”

Wade Henderson, president and Chief Executive Officer of The Leadership Forum on Civil and Human Right, stated, “The OCR at HHS is necessary to make sure that all individuals can lead vigorous lives, free of biased fences. Section 1557 of the Inexpensive Care Law, which forbids difference based on sex, race, disability, and age in health activities and programs, is basic to achieve this objective. Henderson said, “Experienced and strong management at OCR devoted to completely implementing Section 1557 is therefore vital. Mr. Severino isn’t that leader.”

Under Severino’s control, OCR is likely to be engaged in a different way than it was under the control of Jocelyn Samuels. What effect Severino will have on HIPAA leadership and OCR’s HIPAA implementation activity remains to be seen.