SafeDNS Associates with Internet Watch Foundation

The web cleaning program supplier SafeDNS has been assisting businesses and consumers control the contents that can be retrieved through their wireless and wired networks ever since 2013. SafeDNS is now a ‘Friendly WiFi’ qualified firm and its solutions make sure juveniles can retrieve the Internet securely and safely and escape erotic matter and other age-improper websites.

These days the Alexandria, VA-located company has declared it has joined with the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF), and because of membership with the business, has taken one more stride to make the Internet a safer and cleaner place.

The Internet Watch Foundation is a not-for-profit business dedicated to cleansing up the Internet and getting rid of video content and images of child misuse, child obscenity, and other unlawfully indecent website matter.

The business searches for pictures of child misuse and lets Internet users to namelessly report any webpages, websites, and media where such pictures are presented. The IWF performs a major part in sorting the content and assists to bring the culprits to justice.

The IWF also keeps a Child Abuse Images and content (CAIC) blacklist of websites and webpages known to have such matter. Companies and web filtering solution suppliers may use the CAIC list to make sure illicit pictures and video content can’t be retrieved through wireless and wired networks.

IWF members should show that their solutions are extremely effective at obstructing illegal and indecent video content and images, thus avoiding end users from deliberately and accidentally retrieving the content. Being a member of the IWF, SafeDNS assists to defend companies from legal obligation concerning to unlawful erotic pictures and makes sure subject matter controls can be applied to implement tolerable Internet usage rules to satisfy compliance requirements.