SafeDNS Joins with Router Producers to Deliver WiFi Device Directly out of the Box

SafeDNS has joined with router producers to deliver secure WiFI access directly out of the box. The majority WiFi routers don’t include the required controls to let the sieving of Internet matter without controls implemented at the ISP stage or the adding of a third-party solution.

Once web-filtering solutions are incorporated, they are likely to be elementary and usually don’t contain innovative capabilities like SSL check, so are limited to obstructing HTTP sites. Since more companies switch over to HTTPS, these net sieving controls end to be operative. Cybercriminals are also switching over to HTTPS, hence the failure to inspect, decrypt and re-encrypt traffic might leave consumers and businesses vulnerable to online dangers.

Additionally, most routers having Internet access controls built-in don’t provide the same granular device as third-party solutions and custom sieving rules can’t be used.  Even in a home setting, this can create problems, as it’s impossible to use different settings for different users. The nothing or all tactic implies the same limitations for a six-year-old kid would also relate for a 15-year-old as well as an adult.

In a corporation setting the issue is worse since it would be impossible to use different methods for the customer service departments, sales, IT, and marketing. Office staff and guest users would also be troubled with the same restrictions.

The Alexandria, VA-located web sieving solution supplier has been working on a resolution that lets router producers include web sieving mechanisms into their routers with granular restrictions to let custom sieving plans to be organized, with its router-based software program connecting to its cloud-based method.

The SafeDNS sieving controls can be retrieved as well as tweaked through a web browser. Through the control board, users can set many sieving policies with the solution letting highly granular mechanism of content sieving situations.  SafeDNS informs that router producers D-Link, Zyxel, Dovado, and Fältcom have begun to incorporate the SafeDNS web sieve in a few of their routers making sure content check is possible directly out of the box.