SpamTitan v7.00 Announcement Perceives Bitdefender Utilized as Main AV Engine

TitanHQ has declared the availability of the latest type of its top cloud-based anti spam facility. SpamTitan v7.00 contains numerous vital updates to safeguard users from malevolent electronic mails and known dangers, including bits for lately discovered weaknesses in the ClamAV anti-virus device.

Among the prominent modifications in the new variety is an alteration to the main anti-virus engine. Now SpamTitan v7.00 offers prize-winning anti-malware as well as illegal computer software defense via Bitdefender.

The alteration to the Romanian-based antivirus firm is part of an increasing planned association with the company that will see additional association throughout the upcoming weeks and months. The derived AV engine will carry on to be offered by ClamAV. TitanHQ has verified that backing for Kaspersky AV – the main AV engine on earlier issues of SpamTitan – will cease from May 1, 2018.

TitanHQ stated its objective is “to provide reliable, secure and affordable safety solutions to our customers and partners. Our team constantly upgrades our product collection, applying customer opinion and quality requests into fresh product releases.”

All new clients signing up for phishing protection and spam with SpamTitan will be defended by SpamTitan v7.00. The modernized variety has also been pushed out to current clients that have prefetch of system upgrades supported. The new type will show in the list of obtainable updates. In case the prefetch choice is incapacitated, users should manually verify for existing updates through their user interface.

TitanHQ has also declared that backing for types 4 and 5 of SpamTitan will cease on May 1, 2018, giving operators less than 2 months to update to the new type; nevertheless, users must update to the newest type as soon as probable for the greatest level of safety.

l release explanations that apply to types of SpamTitan later than the existing installation before installation. TitanHQ notes mention that before updating to v7.00 users should first update to SpamTitan v6.15. Group installations need the bit to be used for all notes in the group.

The upgrade will take roughly 10-20 minutes to finish during which time devices must not be rebooted.