Study Discloses Healthcare Industry Workers Struggling to Understand Data Safety Risks


The lately circulated Beyond the Phish Report from Wombat Security, now a branch of Proofpoint has disclosed healthcare workers have a lack of understanding of usual safety dangers.

For the statement, Wombat Security assembled data from approximately 85 million questions and answers presented to customers’ end users across 12 groups and 16 industries.

Respondents were asked concerning safety best practices that would help them evade ransomware attacks, malware installations, and phishing attacks and created the level of proficiency at safeguarding private information, defending against electronic mail and web-based cheats, safeguarding mobile appliances, working safely in distant places, identifying physical dangers, disposing of confidential information securely, using tough passwords, and safe use of social media and the web.

On the whole, the healthcare industry performed second worst for safety consciousness, just before of the hospitality industry, with the survey emphasizing numerous areas of vulnerability that might possibly be abused by cybercriminals to gain access to healthcare systems and confidential data.

Respondents from the healthcare sector performed badly in many areas, registering a comparatively high proportion of wrong answers connected to identifying phishing electronic mails, securely disposing of confidential information, and safeguarding moveable appliances and confidential information stored on those appliances.

Even though HIPAA expects healthcare workers to dispose of PHI securely, 28% of queries in this area were answered wrongly. 27% of queries concerning safeguarding moveable appliances and information were replied wrongly, as were 26% of queries relating to the safety of private information, and 21% of queries on the identification of usual safety problems and safe use of the Internet.

On the whole, respondents from the healthcare industry replied 23% of queries wrongly, on a par with the manufacturing industry and professional facilities. Only hospitality industry workers performed worse. The average fraction of wrong replies across all industry sectors was 19%.

Areas, where respondents from the healthcare industry performed best, were the use of safe, tough passwords and the identification and avoidance of ransomware attacks, with only 12% and 10% of queries replied wrongly.

“Our expectation is that by sharing this data, infosec experts will think more regarding the methods they are assessing weaknesses within their companies and know the chance they have to better equip workers to apply cybersecurity best practices and, as a consequence, better cope end-user danger,” said Joe Ferrara, Wombat General Manager.