Ticno Trojan Downloader Imitates Windows Discussion Box

A new malevolent program downloader has been detected by Russian antivirus company Dr. Web, which fixes hateful payloads – presently adware – utilizing a modal Windows ‘Save As’ discussion box.

The malevolent program, which has been titled Trojan.Ticno.1537 secretly fixes a variety of adware as well as a hateful Google Chrome addition. The Ticno Trojan, which is copied by a separate malevolent program, is packed with genuine software in a separate installation file. Genuine software that are packed with the Trojan contain the Amigo web browser and Tray Calendar.

The set is thought to be a part of an associate program which pays for software copies, with the individual behind the promotion earning from the software that are fixed, and from the advertisements that are shown.

If the user ticks save when the ‘Save As’ discussion box appears on screen, the Trojan is copied and run. Firstly, the Trojan evaluates the surroundings in which it has been fixed to confirm it’s not on a simulated machine. Checks are carried out to decide whether Perl or Python are fixed on the appliance, and other repairing programs, folders, files and windows procedures.

If the malevolent program decides that uncovering is not likely, the file 1.zip is kept to the desktop and adware is copied. If the checks are fruitful, Explorer is introduced and the procedure ends. Although the save as box indicates that only one file is being copied, the dialog box has a greyed-out linkage in the bottom left-hand nook. If ticked, the operator will see all of the software and adware that will be fitted as a component of the package. The malevolent program also fits a hateful Google Chrome extension – Trojan.ChromePatch.1 – and contaminating the resources.pak file.

Even though the Ticno Trojan is erased from the appliance, it will still help undesirable advertisements through the hateful Chrome extension.

Dr. Web is now obstructing the Ticno Trojan, as is Symantec, even though users must be conscious of the danger from downloaders like these.