TitanHQ Joins with Etihad Stadium to Acquire Guest Wi-Fi System

TitanHQ has declared it has joined with the Etihad Ground in Melbourne and is offering its client-less DNS Internet sieving solution to acquire the stadium’s system of over 700 Wi-Fi access locations.

As a contemporary stadium, it was essential to deliver Wi-Fi access to sporting enthusiasts, but also to make sure that Wi-Fi might be retrieved securely and safely. The ground operators required to apply safety controls to avoid fans from mistakably visiting phishing websites, downloading a malevolent program, or seeing website contents that were unsuitable in a public place.

An appliance-based or client-based method would have been unworkable, so DNS sieving was the obvious selection. A DNS-based URL sieving solution would let accessible web matter to be cautiously organized without latency, making sure swift Internet access speeds might be liked by all visitors to the ground.

The Etihad ground selected WebTitan Cloud of TitanHQ for Wi-Fi to safeguard its 704 high-capacity, high-speed Internet access places spread all over its 53,359-seater site as well as company hospitality places. The Web sieving solution provides security across any protocol, port, or app, keeping all access point operators safe.

“Our visitors are the great winners from our association with TitanHQ. WebTitan’s Wi-Fi sieving provides a visible experience, with secure and super-fast Internet’,’ stated Geoff Hall, I.T. Administrator at Etihad Ground.

“WebTitan’s Wi-Fi safety has assisted Etihad Stadium to turn into one of the most technologically advanced, safe and connected grounds in Australia’’ stated Ronan Kavanagh, Chief Executive Officer, TitanHQ.

The Etihad Ground joins quickly rising number of businesses, including several businesses in the education, healthcare, and financial sector, to increase Wi-Fi as well as web safety with TitanHQ.