TitanHQ Joins with HTG Peer Companies

At the HTG Peer Companies’ Q1 three-monthly conference in Las Vegas, TitanHQ, the prominent supplier of cloud-based web sieving as well as anti-spam solutions, declared it has joined with HTG: The global consulting, coaching, and peer group company.

The new company sees TitanHQ grow into a Gold seller, with its cybersecurity explanations made promptly available to HTG group members.

HTG was created in 2000 with the objective of assisting companies to grow and achieve their complete potential. HTG experts provide perceptions and share knowledge with industry leaders to assist them to create the responsibility and organization essential to make their companies a success. Via HTG, business frontrunners can exploit their potential utilizing well-tried strategic methods.

The route to success and profitability unavoidably includes some obstacles and having a companion to provide guidance and support in tough times can make a great difference. Several firms also need assistance to evade common difficulties: difficulties that can result in substantial, and sometimes disastrous, losses.

One part of worry stated by several associates of the HTG group is cybersecurity, particularly web safety.

The surge in cyberattacks and increase of new ransomware and malware variations means companies now require to apply more levels in their safety fortifications. That’s an area in which TitanHQ plans to assist. The business’s spam sieving and web sieving skills have assisted thousands of companies all over the world to improve safety by obstructing electronic mail as well as web-based dangers.

The Galway, Ireland-located company’s web sieving solution – WebTitan – is of specific advantage. The solution safeguards wireless and wired systems by obstructing ransomware and malware downloads, avoiding workers from visiting phishing internet sites, and letting firms to cautiously manage the kinds of web matter their workers can access.

The company will let TitanHQ attend to the problems and concerns of HTG associates and offer help by delivering cybersecurity resolutions that correspond the requirements of each company. “Our objective is to effectively join with HTG associates to construct long-lasting and strong associations,” stated TitanHQ Chief Executive Officer, Ronan Kavanagh.

“We are pleased to greet TitanHQ on the team for 2018. As quickly as the early discussion began we saw they would make a wonderful match for our group since web safety is the main area for our associates in 2018,” stated Arlin Sorensen, creator of HTG Peer Groups.