TJ Samson Community Hospice Finds Wrong Retrieving of 683 Patients’ PHI

An autonomous care supplier who supplies treatment to patients of TJ Samson Community Hospice in South Central KY has been found to have wrongly retrieved the PHI of 683 sick persons of TJ Samson Community Hospital in KY and the TJ Health Columbia Health center.

The wrong access was found during a usual audit of PHI access records on August 25, 2017. The following inquiry disclosed two people from the healthcare supplier’s office had retrieved the PHI of patients, without any genuine work reason for doing this.

Access to patients Protected Health Information is required by independent healthcare suppliers to carry out their work tasks, even though in this instance, the Protected Health Information of patients was retrieved although the patients were not being cured by the people.

TJ Samson questioned both people regarding the suspected illegal access and is contended that no more disclosures or uses of PHI have happened.

In reaction to the occurrence, TJ Samson has ended access for the people in question. The breach notice displayed to the TJ Samson website doesn’t show any additional action was taken versus those people, even though measures have been taken to avoid similar incidents of illegal access, which contained carrying out an evaluation of access processes for independent healthcare suppliers. People whose Protected Health Information was seen have been informed of the breach of their private information by post.

The kinds of information accessed contained names, demographic information, medical information, and in a few cases, insurance information and Social Security numbers. The retrieval dated back to January 1, 2017. No fiscal info was retrieved because the individuals’ login credentials didn’t allow them to access this type of information.