Triple-S Advantage Undergoes Severe Data Breach with 36k Members Affected

36,000 plan subscribers of Triple-S Advantage have faced a secrecy breach that has affected them. The breach was experienced by the Puerto Rico centered company when a mailing mistake which saw confidential information of plan subscribers dispatched to wrong receivers.

The data that was revealed, because of the mailing error, was partial and didn’t include financial files or Social Security numbers; nevertheless, plan subscribers’ ID numbers were issued without permission together with names, treatment codes, and dates of service.

The mailing mistake happened in November however, was not noticed by Triple-S before December 5, 2017. A wide-ranging review was started to conclude how the mistake happened and now measures have been taken to ensure that these types of mistakes don’t happen in succeeding mails to healthcare groups and plan subscribers.

In its certified substitute breach notification, Triple-S stated that its mailing processes have been changed and new procedures have been checked to make sure their security. One more mailing round has been completed and duplicates of the original letters have been dispatched to the right addresses. Affected plan subscribers have also been informed of the revelation of their Protected Health Information using top class mail.

Since plan subscribers’ ID numbers have been impacted, affected people have been instructed to double verify their Explanation of Benefits reports in detail to ensure only facilities that have been availed are existing. As there is a possibility for hateful people to alter addresses, plan subscribers have been informed to confirm to ensure usual mail from Triple S is still received.

Triple S verified that it hasn’t received any statements to indicate that any Protected Health Information has been misused or accessed by illegal people.

The breach report transmitted to the Division of Health as well as Human Services’ OCR says that 36,305 members were affected by the mailing blunder.

Although all secrecy breaches are regretful news, this case will be specifically disturbing for Triple-S. During 2015, after a thorough analysis into data breaches by the HHS’ OCR, Triple S Administration Company – the mother corporation of Triple-S Advantage – resolved several HIPAA breaches with the OCR for an amount of $3.5 million. Triple S was struck with a $1.5 million fine by the Puerto Rico Health Insurance Management.

The resolution in question settled successive breaches of HIPAA Laws as well as several conformity failures that performed a part in 8 data breaches by Triple S Management Corporation branches between 2010 and 2014.

Triple S will nonetheless be carefully checked by the OCR as well as the latest breach is sure to be meticulously scrutinized.