Unapproved Palomar Health Nurse Saw Medical Histories of More than 1,300 Patients

An ex nurse hired at Palomar Medical Center, Escondido saw, without approval, the medical histories of over 1,300 patients who were getting cure at the hospital. Those impacted are now informed of the breach.

The breaches were experienced throughout a 15-month duration from February 10, 2016, to May 7, 2017. The access that wasn’t allowed was first noticed when access records were checked. The inspection disclosed a series of access that wasn’t usual for the work duties of a nurse.

The inquiry indicated that the nurse viewed the histories of sick persons who had been allotted to her and people assigned to a different nurse within the same region.

The happening looks to be an incident of prying, instead of data retrieval with hateful intention. Palomar Health has got no proof to indicate any information was noted and deleted from the health facility, and no statements have been presented to indicate any patient data was abused. When an in-house inquiry into the secrecy infringements was finished, the nurse quitted her work.

The information seen was limited to identities, allergies, diagnoses, treatment centers, medical record numbers, genders, dates of birth, and medicines for 1,309 customers. Insurance details, fiscal data, and Social Security identifications of 4 patients were viewed in a portion of the medical documentation method that was logged onto by the nurse. Those 4 patients have been provided identity thievery safety facilities as an additional defense.

Palomar Health is, presently, acclimatizing a new system that will automatically manage the logs generated when medical histories are retrieved and when logging on efforts are made. The method will let the health system swiftly identify cases of prying and data thievery. Hospital workforce will also undertake additional security and privacy consciousness teaching.