VMware to Finalize Purchase of CloudHealth Technologies in Q3, 2019

August 30, 2018


At the VMworld 2018 seminar in Las Legas, VMware, Inc., declared its plan to buy the cloud management and cloud cost optimization company CloudHealth Technologies.

An agreement has now been initialed between the two firms following months of thorough consultations. Subject to usual closing conditions and awaiting regulatory sanctions, the contract is expected to be decided by the termination of fiscal Q3, 2019.

VMware has been a motivating force in virtualization software and cloud infrastructure and technology for nearly two decades. The company’s software powers some of the most difficult digital structure in the world and the firm is among the most important in the field of Information Technology.

CloudHealth Technologies was the innovation of CTO and company creator Joe Kinsella. The business was created in 2012 to tackle a particular requirement – To assist firms avoid cloud chaos and attain greater visibility and control of their cloud placements while decreasing spiraling cloud expenses.

The firm’s platform, created and fine-tuned over the previous six years, is now utilized by over 3,000 firms all over the globe and provides a cloud management platform for Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud. Through the platform, firms can effectively administer multi-cloud environments through a single pane of glass and check usage and performance and can increase efficiency and decrease cloud expenses.

The platform is the go-to cloud administration and optimization platform for managed facility providers looking to provide solutions in the public cloud to their clients. A lot of companies now depend on the CloudHealth platform for offering visibility into their cloud usage, letting them save several thousands of dollars a year.  Those firms include Yelp, Zendesk, Dow Jones, Skyscanner, and SHI.

“Multi-cloud usage while advantageous to business creates an exclusive set of operational difficulties,” said Raghu Raghuram, chief operating officer, products and cloud services, VMware. “With the addition of CloudHealth Technologies, we are providing a constant and actionable opinion into cost and resource management, safety and performance for applications across several clouds.”

“As companies gauge their cloud environments and increase the use cases, they struggle with how to leverage a multi-cloud model to drive business transformation,” stated Tom Axbey, president and chief executive officer, CloudHealth Technologies. “We are excited to merge with VMware to tackle this task by providing a suite of multi-cloud management facilities that hasten digital change.”

Existing CloudHealth Technologies’ clients have been ‘deeply considered’ at all stages of the negotiations to make sure that the purchase would not unfavorably affect them. “As part of VMware, we will be able to help you better and propose you a richer set of options to support your business transformation in the cloud,” said Joe Kinsella.

When the contract is ultimately settled, VMware cloud automation facilities, VMware Secure State and Wavefront by VMware will provide automation and compliance, safety and governance, insights and analytics and will add the capabilities of CloudHealth Technologies and will be of great advantage to both companies.