Webroot Purchases Securecast and Starts Offering Anti-Phishing Coaching

Webroot, a prominent provider of endpoint safety systems, has announced it has purchased Securecast – A provider of a completely automated safety awareness coaching platform.

The Securecast safety-awareness-as-a-facility platform has been retitled Webroot Security Consciousness Training, and a beta type of the platform has now been made obtainable. Webroot will be the new platform to its clients to help them train their employees to be more security conscious and find and respond appropriately to phishing attacks.

The Webroot Security Consciousness Training Platform will incorporate a comprehensive library of coaching resources covering the most usual attack vectors and methods used by cybercriminals to access networks and data. Coaching modules can be used to coach employees how to recognize phishing emails, social engineering attack and avoid web-based dangers. Further coaching modules will be added to the collection covering a wide variety of topics that will help organizations turn their workers into a strong last line of protection against email and web-centered attacks.

The interactive training coaching courses can be easily assigned to members of the workforce with a single tick and the courses are mobile friendly as well as can be accessed on any appliance. Administrators can follow the progress of training and can utilize the platform to run phishing email replications on the workforce to check the effectiveness of training. Any individual that fails a phishing simulation can easily be allocated more training. The phishing simulation replication platform includes a variety of phishing email patterns which have been developed from actual phishing scenarios. Managers can customize each phishing electronic mail to relate to their own business. The phishing patterns are often frequently updated to incorporate examples of existing phishing threats and to keep them related. The platform has been developed to let organizations carry out ongoing security consciousness training programs.


Webroot will be incorporating its Safety Awareness Coaching platform into its SecurityAnywhere portfolio in the fall when the complete range of features will be incorporated in the platform including tracking and reporting characteristics to help companies to meet their compliance requirements.