Western Washington Medical Group Patients Revealed Because of HIPAA Breach

842 patients of Western Washington Medical Group have had their PHI revealed when records including confidential health info were disposed of with usual garbage in November 2017.

The breach happened when the janitorial facility used by the medical group took out the substances from shredding baskets together with usual garbage. As opposed to confidential documents being lastingly fired in accordance with HIPAA Laws, they were taken away in usual garbage baskets. Western Washington Medical Group workforce noticed the error the following day, however too late to rectify the position and retrieve the records because the garbage had already been taken away to landfill locations for extinction.

The breach might have been only trivial, however, those affected have had a variety of confidential information revealed including (but not restricted to) names, medical records, prognoses, medical history files, addresses, appointment details and health coverage billing files.

Folks that might have been affected by the breach had to go to WWMG Orthopedic, Spine and Sports centers for medical facilities for consultations or treatment. Notice letters were delivered to all those impacted persons by first class post on January 12, 2018.

The official procedure in question might possibly have obtained by illegal people even though the possibility of damage to patients is thought to be negligible. No statements have been prepared that suggest any PHI has been abused by any person. Nevertheless, in spite of the supposed small level of risk and as an extra cautionary measure, impacted patients have been provided free identity thievery security services for 12 months via the ID Experts firm.

Extra coaching has been provided to the Janitorial workforce to assist prevent similar secrecy breaches from taking place once again.