Zoom Video Conferencing and HIPAA Compliance

More than 750,000 companies are now utilizing Zoom for online video as well as web conferencing. Nevertheless, before applying for the use of the facility it’s crucial to consider if it complies with HIPAA Rules for proper use by healthcare companies in relation to distributing PHI.

A cloud-built web and video conferencing program, Zoom lets workers across several places to take part in conferences, share files, as well as cooperate. The web device supports webinars and includes a business IM facility.

Zoom has already been set up by several healthcare companies worldwide who utilize the program to interrelate with other suppliers and to be in touch with patients. Nevertheless, in the USA, healthcare companies should comply with HIPAA Rules.

Any software solution should contain a variety of safety defenses to make sure protected health information (PHI) is fully protected. Moreover, cloud-based program suppliers are described as business associates and are also needed to comply with HIPAA Laws if their facilities are to be used with PHI.

Zoom, as a BA, would have to complete an agreement with a HIPAA protected organization before its facility can be utilized with ePHI. That agreement – a BAA – acts as a verification that Zoom is conscious of its duties in relation to the security and privacy of PHI.

Zoom is prepared to conclude a BAA with healthcare companies and has made certain that its program contains all of the needed safety controls to satisfy the stringent necessities of HIPAA.

In April 2017 Zoom disclosed that it had launched the 1st scalable cloud-based telehealth facility for the healthcare industry. Zoom for Telehealth lets providers and enterprises to talk simply with other company, take care groups, as well as patients in a HIPAA compliant way.

The facility includes access and verification measures, all interactions are protected with end-to-end AES-256 bit coding, and the program mixes with the Impressive electronic health data computer network to back healthcare progress.

Initially, Zoom showed that it was associated with an international telehealth integrator and that its structure has been further improved to back complete business healthcare procedures.

Zoom can be considered a HIPAA compliant web as well as video conferencing facility that’s suitable for usage in healthcare if a HIPAA-protected body finalizes a BAA with Zoom before using the facility.

HIPAA Laws can still be infringed utilizing the facility so users should be aware of their responsibilities with regard to patient secrecy, and should only transmit or share PHI with people approved to get the data. It’s the responsibility of the protected organization to make sure Zoom is used correctly and according to HIPAA Rules.